Expert VW, Audi, SEAT and Skoda car repairs and servicing in Leeds

Aside from providing the full range of services for your car. A shuttlebus service into Leeds is provided, as well as a fully equipped garage and years of experience in VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda cars.
Contact us today to enquire about any of our services:
 Full servicing
VAG Trained
Electrical repairs 
Body repairs
Air conditioning
Master technicians 
Full engine diagnostics

Air conditioning

To run efficiently the AC system needs regular attention. It needs recharging with gas and lubricant every two years to avoid costly repair bills. If it does not have the correct level of gas, it has to work harder, putting strain on the engine and using more fuel.
IVC now offers the most extensive Air-Conditioning service available, which unlike many similar services includes:
  • System pressure and vent temperature checks
  • Comparisons to recommended levels
  • Full visual inspection
  • Recovery of refrigerant
  • Evacuation of air and moisture from the system
  • Leak test
  • Recharging to recommended levels, adding fresh system oil
  • Special offer price only £39.99
  • For just £15.00 extra we also do a full air vent clean to remove bugs that grow within air vent pipes.

Brakes, tyres, and timing belts

At IVC we only fit original parts and this is especially vital for your car’s brakes. Not only do superior materials increase safety, they’ll last twice as long. We also have an excellent range of tyre brands and sizes available.

Timing belts are the most important service item on your vehicle and when we replace them we also replace anything the belt relies on. As well as the belt we replace tensioners, relay rollers, tensioning damper and water pumps as part of our good engineering practices. All those items are also included in the quote, so, unlike some other garages, we charge for exactly what we fit. There are various ideas on when a timing belt should be replaced, VW say 4 years or sooner on high mileage vehicles. Our vast experience at IVC tell us it’s 4 years or 60,000 miles as above this, we have seen belts snap, tensioners seize up, relay rollers fall to pieces and water pumps collapse. We remove the belt to check the condition of every tooth too, to ensure it’s all in good condition.


As well as retrieving all the diagnostic data from your car’s on board computers, the Autologic system combined with our VAG trained master technicians dramatically cuts labour times, saving you money. It is important to note that any car built after 2008 can only have its AVS reset using this specific equipment. Without the specific equipment it will simply revert to fixed time and distance servicing. Whatever your car needs, our team in Leeds can handle it, so call us today and get your car the best treatment available. 
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