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With years of experience in providing superb auto repair services, there is nothing our team cannot handle. The quality of our work is proven in our many happy customers. No need to take our word for it however, read for yourself what our clients have to say in the testimonials below. 
Adele Little
2 weeks ago
"IVC are an excellent Servicing Centre. I have been here many many times. Graham the gent on the front desk is very very welcoming! Being a woman i used to struggle with taking my car in to a garage, but i felt so happy leaving my car there, on point with everything, very good prices and never a delay. I would recommend IVC to anybody, and have done many a time :)"
David Williams 
a month ago
"When it comes to servicing I don't like paying extra to help fund a glass and steel palace with "free" coffees, so I've been taking my car here for years. They are very knowledgeable and do things properly. When I eventually replace my current car it will probably be from the Volkswagen Group range, just so that I can get it serviced by IVC."

Nicki R
4 months ago
"I have been taking my Audi A4 to IVC since I bought it (4 years ago). They have always provided an excellent service. They don’t claim to be the cheapest; sometimes you have to pay a little extra to get a quality service and that is exactly what they deliver. I have recently had IVC carry out body repair work on my car and they have done an excellent job. I would like to thank Graham and the team for their efforts. There are very few garages that you can say deliver an honest, committed service."
Jah F
"Absolutely fantastic, our car developed an EPC fault, we took it to one garage which said we needed to take it to a VW garage, IVC said they would take a look and provide a basic scan for free, they checked it right away and found it was simply a case of replacing the rear break lights. IVC saved us time and money, will definitely return and recommend to all."
Simon Young
a year ago
"My wife has used IVC before and recommended I used them so today was the first time I have experienced IVC. They are very good at customer service. They have a bus in and out of Leeds - straight to the railway station. When I returned in the evening, as I walked into reception I was greeted with "Hello Mr Young". I noticed that other customers were also greeted by name. If you have to wait for some work to be done they have free WiFi in reception. They are obviously very popular by the number of cars in the car park, and overflowing it onto the road. But despite that I had no problem booking my VW in for a service. They are also knowledgeable about the cars they service and were passing out comments to other customers about their cars. When the car was ready I got a simple text (which came twice) to say the car was ready - being in business I found that so much more convenient than having to take a call."

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Eleanor Slater
a year ago
"My manager John Dakin uses this garage. They provide excellent service and great value for money. He finds the courtesy transport in to Leeds a real bonus. He has no hesitation in recommending this garage to all friends and family."
Roger Etchells
a year ago
"I have had two VW ' s looked after by Richard and the team for the last 10 years. Like many reviewers I have nothing but praise for IVC. They just get what great customer service is about. They know my name, they know my car, and discuss honestly what is needed when. I believe they are great value for money (certainly they were the 3 times I rang round for quotes - I don't bother any more as service is more important to me than money). Simple things, like "wiper blades for the Passat aren't cheap but I know VW sell a special offer pack - I'll try to get that for you". "We will have to hook it up to the engine management system to see if we can sort the fault but won't charge you for that". See what a Main Dealer would charge and you get the point. They are car nuts first - Peter, who I knew as the receptionist - has gone back to the workshop."
Penny Bainbridge
a year ago
"I have always gone to Audi Huddersfield & they said I needed a gasket & C link rubber bushes to be replaced at a cost of £665 so I decided to try IVC & booked into them, the bill came to £188, a saving of £475. The main reason for the difference was labour charges, Audi wanted 4.6 hours at £126 an hour including VAT whilst IVC came in at only 1.75 hours at £58 an hour inc VAT. Audi also said my front brake linings were down by 70% & wanted £301 to replace these, I bought the most expensive pads I could find (half the Audi price) & watched as my son in law fitted them in about 45 mins, total bill £79! they were only about 50% down when I compared them with the new set. IVC for me in the future. Just returned for the second time for new break fluid, front disk and pads Richard was very helpful and saved me over £100 against Audi Huddersfield."
Robin Hart
a year ago
"Great - I've been taking my VW's to IVC man and boy. Over 250k of mileage across 3 cars. Great service, Great value. The main reason I buy VW is IVC. Like the staff too. Robin Hart."
Clive Settle
a year ago
"When I first bought into the VAG empire five years ago - with a 2002 SEAT Toledo V5 (excellent, under-rated sports saloon) - I didn't fancy paying VAG-level servicing costs too. The Toledo's vendor recommended IVC and it was with them after just two days for clutch work, and then after that for a sticky throttle and seemingly endless coil packs. IVC said these were all common issues with the V5 (it's basically a MkIII Golf underneath) and sometimes either waived the cost of some of these items or reduced the bill. I once had to limp to a main dealer for a new coil and by the time I'd booked it in three days later and collected it on the fourth, the final total had soared to £200! IVC - £50 quid tops, sometimes nothing at all. If this makes the Toledo sound like an unreliable car, by the way, it wasn't - and if there was ever a problem IVC always seemed to know what it might be and were keen to resolve it at short notice. In other words, they know what they're talking about and are interested in the ownership experience of their customers. That's important to me - and also had a bearing on my decision to buy another SEAT, an Exeo 143 Sport, which replaced the Toledo just over a year ago. IVC's response was, "Ah yes, that's the Audi B7 underneath, isn't it, with the new diesel engine?" Which it is. "Oh yes, we can service that for you, no problem". Mine was the first Exeo they'd had in but they confirmed most of the bits under the bonnet had "Audi" reassuringly stamped on them and wanted to know about running costs, the spec and so on. I reckon the bill was about a hundred quid less than it would have been at main dealer prices. Today, it's just come back from a major service - £200, although I don't imagine they'll all be that reasonable in the future! A couple of final points: when I started using IVC, I would have marked them down on "front-of-house" because the reception often seemed to have 'phones ringing but no-one answering, or poor old Graham hanging off about three at once. This seems to have been resolved by the arrival of Richard, and things seem less frenetic than they sometimes used to be, although I've always been treated with courtesy. Also, if it's an issue that can be dealt with immediately, like a headlight bulb change on the Exeo (which turned into a devil of a job), it usually is, despite what is obviously a very busy workshop. Again, I value that. Finally, in the next few months I'm considering an engine re-map on the Exeo, which will improve bhp, torque and efficiency, and IVC seem keen to offer advice and - who knows - may even take on the work themselves. I'm not sure I'd entrust my pride and joy to anyone else, to be honest!"
Lanky Lurch
a year ago
"Has to be the best garage I've ever dealt with, great business and great staff. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and will always take my car there."
Craig Hopwood
a year ago
"I had a faulty wiring issue with the rear de-mister on my Audi A4. The main dealer was not really interested in looking at it and said they would probably just replace the wiring circuit at a cost of around £200 plus whatever labour time it took. Having read the reviews for IVC, I decided to give them a try instead. They resoldered and repaired the old wiring in an hour or two and charged £90 in total. Great service ! Well worth trying."
Anna Alderson
2 years ago
"I have been using Graham and the team down at IVC for about 12 years now, I have had several vehicles in that time including two VW Golf Gti's, an Audi A4 quattro and at present a VW Touran 2.0 TDi. Their service is second to none, I felt I had to put pen to paper after recently calling up with a running problem that was pretty much diagnosed over the phone, and then confirmed and repaired when calling in to see them all within the same day! and at at a fraction of main dealer costs I might add. All in all I can always rely on personal service and I can even speak with the technician who works on my car & since I am not mechanically minded it always gives me great confidence in what my car needs and what I am paying for. I really do not understand what James Cleary's problem is! If I have ever had a reason to query an issue, it has always been resolved instantly & efficiently , what is it they say....you only find out how good a garage is with the way they resolve a problem! Dealers don't exist to me anymore and never will do, at least with IVC I know that the technicians working on my car are all time served and not little apprentices who are still learning the trade. My car is used for work and it carries my most precious cargo... my family, I need the confidence & trust I have in IVC. Keep up the good work lads :-)."
Amy Clark
a year ago
"I first took my car to IVC about a problem with my indicators when I was fed up with my old garage which couldn't seem to fix it or particularly care. The guys at IVC took the time to look into the problem and kept going until this very frustrating problem was finally sorted! I've since returned for my MOT and service, and will continue to go there for any work that needs doing. I've been really impressed with how they've managed to fit me in at short notice (even when busy), taken the time to explain any problems and given me confidence in the work they've done. Would highly recommend!!"
Paul Midgley
a year ago
"Many thanks for the work on my car highly recommend 5 star 
Sam Smith
a year ago
"New to Leeds and first time using this garage. I found the guys to be very genuine and customer service excellent."
Jonathan Musto
2 years ago
"I used to use IVC all the time with my old S plate Golf. They were always excellent at finding any faults and superb value for money. I can't recommend them enough. My advice, ditch the dealer and use these guys!"
A Google User
3 years ago
"I used them to diagnose an engine noise issue on my A8 - located it very quickly and offered to do it with a quick turnaround as well - excellent service and costs."
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